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Liquid Screed Northampton Branch

Liquid Screed Northampton

As more and more people are installing underfloor heating systems in Northampton, it is important to understand how it all works.

What is underfloor heating?

Liquid Screed Northampton explains underfloor heating as a system that propels warm water through pipes installed under the floor.

underfloor heating systems northamptonIt is also referred to as a ‘wet’ system for underfloor heating. There is another system that can be installed by using electric coils which are strategically placed under the floor and it is known as a ‘dry’ system.

The basic principle of heat rising from a lower altitude to a higher altitude is taken advantage of and this concept of heat propagation is utilised for an even distribution of heat across a room.

Underfloor heating is the oldest type of central heating. It took inspiration from underfloor heating that the Romans used which was known as hypocausts.

These hypocausts were used for heating solutions in buildings and bathings. Today, in the UK underfloor heating has gained popularity in homes and businesses alike. Thus, Liquid Screed Northampton is here to cater to your needs with a range of equipment suitable for your premise.

Does underfloor heating contribute towards saving energy?

This will completely depend on how well the insulation of the building or premise is; the effectiveness of the heating system and its coverage area.

Commercial premises with high occupancy are more likely to experience efficiency gains from underfloor heating as it is most effective with periods of constant occupancy, and also because larger heating requirements automatically reduce the capital costs of an underfloor heating system.

Liquid Screed Northampton provides underfloor heating solutions and advice to clients depending upon the area of the premise that they require the system for so that it is easier on their budgets.

How much does it cost?

Liquid Screed Northampton will provide detailed information pertaining to the costs involved in the installation of underfloor heating. A wet underfloor heating system will cost about a third more than a radiator system on average.

Liquid Screed NorthamptonThis is inclusive of the fact that additional insulation is likely to be added below the newly fixed pipe network.

If an underfloor heating system is installed at the time of building a new project or while undertaking major renovation, its installation costs will be reduced substantially.

Electric or ‘dry’ underfloor heating usually costs less where installation is concerned, but is more expensive to maintain.

Dual storage underfloor heaters are also available and they comprise of two sets of pipes and an extra thick layer of screed so they acquire most of their running energy from cheaper night-time tariffs. This, at times may not be cost-effective.

How to determine if underfloor heating is suitable for a premise?

Wet underfloor heating system is suitable for premises that are adequately insulated. Underfloor systems function at a relatively lower temperature than most radiator systems.

Owing to a low temperature functioning, underfloor heating is most efficient as they work constantly, but at a lower temperature.

What is it like living with underfloor heating from Liquid Screed Northampton?

Underfloor heating systems take quite a bit of time to provide heat. So, after you turn it on, you will have to wait for a bit to experience optimum distribution of heat over the expanse of the room.

It can be effectively used where it can be left switched on, on a continuous basis. Electric underfloor heating systems are more responsive, but are more expensive to operate.

Underfloor heating delivers a consistent temperature with a more even distribution of heat emanating from the bottom of the room. Radiators spread warm air through the room but less at the bottom of the room which is why underfloor heating system is preferable in this regard.

underfloor heating northamptonLiquid Screed Northampton offers underfloor heating that will evenly distribute warm air across a room more at the bottom and top space rather than in the middle.

Opting for underfloor heating over radiators from Liquid Screed Northampton will also allow you more space.

Although, you will need to be mindful to not place furniture items such as wardrobes or cupboards above the heat coils as they can easily be damaged because of the direct exposure and constant passage of heat.

Heating bathrooms is harder as baths tend to occupy a substantial floor space, but it will help if you have claw-foot tubs that will allow heating more easily.

Can underfloor heating be suitable for a retrofit?

Liquid Screed Northampton gives you the option to retrofit underfloor heating. You will have to raise the floor a bit and adjust the door accordingly.

Retrofitting concrete floors is usually difficult whereas suspended timber floors are easier to retrofit. Electric systems are generally slighter and simpler to install in a retrofit wherever there is not much space to raise the floor.

Is installation of a new boiler necessary?

It is best to install condensing boiler for a gas powered system which is more effective for low temperature heating which incidentally includes underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating from Liquid Screed Northampton can also be connected to a thermal store and works well with heat pumps.

What type of flooring is compatible with underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is commonly installed with ceramic, terracotta, stone or tile floors but can also be installed with wood, carpet or linoleum.

When installing underfloor heating with wood, you will need to keep in mind that wood will naturally expand and contract with changes in heat and moisture more than stone or ceramic tiles would.

This can be commonly addressed by installing floating wood boards on a layer of polythene foam that allows slight movement.

Using Professionals to Install Underfloor Heating

Liquid Screed Northampton provides installation services for a wet underfloor heating system as experienced professionals. Depending upon the area of the floor space to be covered, the period of installation may vary.

Does underfloor heating system have to be installed with screed?

Liquid Screed Northampton commonly undertakes installation of underfloor heating systems with a layer of screed poured on the top to create a levelled and even surface on which the finishing floor can be laid.

liquid floor screed northamptonIn case of suspended floors, it is possible to install the system without screed; this is known as ‘dry installation’ and cannot be confused with dry or electric system.

This can be done using screed replacement tiles which are combined in order to make a level and floating floor. This method of installation will be preferable if you want to avoid extra moisture in the premise. There is less wait time involved and the floor can be walked upon sooner rather than later.

Why Choose Liquid Screed Northampton?

At Liquid Screed Northampton, we offer an honest service with no hidden costs and which includes a complete evaluation of your project and individual needs. Liquid Screed provides a quality oriented installation service for your flooring and underfloor heating solutions to ensure that the end result is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

About Liquid Screed Ltd

Apart from supplying Liquid Screed in Northampton, we cater to clients who are spread across the nation.

As certified experts in the application of liquid screed, we provide detailed advice to our clients on preparations to the floor before the pour begins. Work with us to ensure that your project is carried out as efficiently as possible.

Get in touch with us today for enquiries as we offer a FREE no obligation quote. When it comes to underfloor heating solutions, Liquid Screed Northampton is your one stop shop. To see what we can do for your home and business needs, call us for free on 0800 888 6663, or visit our website at


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