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Liquid Screed Devon

Liquid Screed Devon

Liquid Screed flooring is a well-blended mixture of ordinary cement with water and quality aggregates, which can be applied to the base of a floor for a quality and diverse finish for many different flooring projects.

Screeding is normally carried out to craft a smooth, sturdy sub-floor, which is capable of withstanding the final floor finish. It can be left as laid, used above underfloor heating, or covered with any type of flooring, from carpet to tiling.

Irrespective of how simple the procedure may sound, there is more to it than just trowelling on the sand and cement mixture. When optimally laid, it ensures an increase in the lifespan and quality, as well as the longevity of your entire floor.

However, poorly laid screed can end up costing you a lot more in the long run, potentially causing major structural concerns, which is why it’s crucial to ensure you’re working with trusted professionals.

Understanding Liquid Screed, Devon

Also known as flowing screed, liquid screed is used as an alternative to the traditional sand and cement mixture.

When flooring is directly laid onto ordinary cement, the end result is usually a bumpy floor, reflecting imperfections in the cement. However, at Liquid Screed we use liquid screed along with our professional skills and expertise to craft an even, levelled surface prior to laying the final floor, giving it a professional finish.

Because of its cost-efficiency, exceptional thermal conductivity and diversity, Liquid Screed is an increasingly popular option for underfloor heating for both residential and commercial projects in Devon and throughout the rest of the country.

Four Essentials to attain the Right Floor Screeding

In order to get great results from your screed flooring project, it is highly important to consider the following four essentials:

  • Choosing the right floor screeding contractor
  • Utilising the right type of floor screed
  • Ensuring that the screed is mixed to the correct consistency
  • Applying the right process of installing the screed

Liquid Screed in Devon: Why Choose Us?

Liquid Screed in Devon boasts high experience alongside a proficient workforce in order to conduct the entire screeding process in the most efficient way possible. With expertise in this field we are able to address any unexpected issues that arise whilst screed application is taking place, and of course we provide aftercare advice as well to ensure a finished floor which will stand the test of time.

Liquid Screed have undertaken several projects in the domestic and commercial sector where we have built a reputation of delivering high quality work which exceeds our clients’ expectations every time. We also guarantee to complete your project on time and within the required budget.

Which Type of Floor Screed?

The type of floor screed which should be used for your flooring project depends highly on the premise which is being renovated and your requirements for the floor, for example what it will be used for. It is highly advisable to get the opinion of professionals at Liquid Screed in Devon, who will be able to use their knowledge and expertise to find the right solution for you.

The following are some of the options we offer here at Liquid Screed in Devon in terms of the types of floor screed which is available:

Traditional Screed:

This is a standard mixture of sand and cement in the ratio of 1:3-5. It is the idyllic final floor finish for various floor coverings, such a laminates and woods. Traditional screeds are appropriate for various flooring projects, from homes and hospitals to schools and shops.

Flowing Screed:

Flowing screed or self-levelling screeds differ from the conventional screed mixtures. Typically, these are used to smoothen or level the final finish, providing an even exterior. Flowing screed or Liquid Screed in Devon is quite expensive in comparison than traditional mixes. However, these are the perfect solution for industrial premises which have to attain a levelled surface for safety reasons.

Fast Drying Screed:

Normally, screeds require weeks or even months to dry completely and to be ready for the application of final floor finish. If your project has a tight deadline, fast drying screed is the ideal option. It does not comprise of any water, and is instead a much drier consistency than other types of concrete, needing only time to set. Fast drying screed can be ready in just three days, limiting the overall floor project time massively, and also reducing the amount of time the premise is out of use.

Right Liquid Screed Mix

In order to ensure a quality, even finish, it is highly important to mix the screed to the appropriate consistency. You have the option to choose between site mixing screeds and ready mix screeds. It is vital to consider the feasibility of each option based on the location and available space.

Site mixing of Liquid Screed in Devon is an efficient and economical way of blending screed. This is appropriate for almost every project, provided that the screed is force action mixed and work is handled by a workforce with years of hands-on experience.

How to Apply Screed the Liquid Screed Way

In order to attain the best end results, it is crucial to conduct the entire screed installation process in a systematic and efficient manner. The professionals at Liquid Screed in Devon enlist the correct procedure of installing screed for every project. There following are the various steps to be followed when preparing for screed installation:

  • Checking whether the screed specification befits the purpose
  • Ensuring that the substrate is all set to receive the screed
  • Checking that the egress and access is appropriate for screed installation
  • Ensuring that the premise is watertight
  • Checking the datum levels and recording measurements to ensure minimum and maximum depths are attainable
  • Checking that there is a waste facility near to the working area
  • Ensuring that the mixing plan is safe and appropriate for usage
  • Ensuring that the screed is blended in correct proportion
  • Checking if the screed is applied in a systematic manner whilst avoiding dry joints
  • Ensuring application of trowel cuts for crack control
  • Ensuring that the work area is kept tidy

At Liquid Screed, we are highly experienced and skilled floor screeding contractors with an exceptional track record of delivering high quality work. You can rely on us to deliver your project in a timely manner, adhering to all your requirements and exceeding your expectations. For further enquiries and advice on your project you can request for a call back.

Liquid Screed in Devon: Why Choose Us?

Liquid Screed Ltd offers a complete range of floor screeds and solutions to the UK wide developers. Liquid screed is one of the most compatible and economical choices for underfloor heating due to its amazingly conductive properties.

At Liquid Screed in Devon, we guarantee specialised screed floor services for both domestic and commercial needs. Liquid Screed offers quality oriented installation services to clients in order to ensure that the end result is the best possible standard.

Alongside supplying Liquid Screed Devon, as certified professionals, we offer detailed advice to clients on preparations to the floor, as well as an aftercare guide. Working with us you can ensure that your project is conducted as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

When it comes to floor screeds, Liquid Screed Devon is your one stop shop! Get in touch with us today for more information; we can even offer you a free no obligations quote. Call us for free on 0800 888 6663 or drop in an email at

Offering a professional Liquid screed, Underfloor heating, Preparation and Aftercare service throughout Devon.

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