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Liquid Screed Banbury Branch

Liquid Screed Banbury – The Practical Choice

Banbury is catching up fast in installing the necessary underfloor heating system equipments in their premises for optimal heating solutions, thus it comes as no surprise that underfloor heating is growing in popularity.

With relatively inexpensive installation charges and little maintenance required, it is a practical choice for most to opt for underfloor heating.

Banbury ScreedIt also vacates space which is otherwise occupied by radiators and can also be installed under virtually any floor type. Liquid Screed Banbury offers underfloor heating solutions which are considered to be a more eco-friendly option when compared to radiators considering the way it heats a room.

Underfloor heating makes the lower part of the room warm first, unlike radiators which distribute heat waves from the top of the room in a descending manner.

Underfloor heating by Liquid Screed Banbury makes it comfortably warm underfoot, which can be around 25oC on an average, making the room instantly cosy.

With the added benefit of operating on a considerably lower running temperature than radiators, you can save on fuel bills, although this will also depend on the type of system you choose to install.

Types of Underfloor Heating

At Liquid Screed Banbury, we explain the two chief types of underfloor heating systems:

Hot Water or Wet Systems

Hot water system, true to its name, uses warm water much like a central heating system. At Liquid Screed Banbury, water is pumped and channelled through tiny pipes that are fixed on the subfloor of the premises which are then covered with a special heat-conducting screed.

Screed once heated, retains high temperature and distributes heat evenly across the room. Wet systems are as much as 30 percent more energy efficient compared to radiators, as they use water at a lower temperature. These can also be incorporated with your existing heating system so that you can opt for underfloor heating for some rooms and radiators for others.

On the contrary, wet systems have to conduct heat through a layer of screed and thus can take quite a bit of time to heat up, sometimes up to two hours.

They also take a longer time to cool down which is why getting the temperature right can sometimes be challenging. Liquid Screed Banbury provides wet system as a great choice if you are constructing a structure or a premise from scratch or commencing a major renovation.

This is because installing a wet system under an existing floor can be quite a hassle, as the entire floor will need to be torn down for the screed material to be poured freshly. Wet systems are not recommended for installation over small areas. Generally you can expect to pay around £25-£30 per square metre depending on the surface area to be covered.

Electric or Dry Systems

Traditional electric systems are made up of cables that resemble a wet system which are then fixed in screed. Modern versions are much thinner and easier to install and are like mesh mats or a roll of ribbon resembling a carpet underlay.

Banbury LiquidscreedThese are simply spread across the existing floor on top of an insulated board and then connected to the power supply in your room. There is no involvement of screed and they can be laid under any type of floor which may include timber or atop old flooring. Liquid Screed Banbury offers electric systems which are more economical to install than wet systems.

You can expect to pay from £15 per square metre onwards for installation. Comparatively, electric or dry systems involve lesser hassle and thus a better option in case you are not planning for a major renovation. They also tend to heat more quickly because they do not have to conduct heat through a layer of screed, thus are more responsive.

On the contrary, electric systems can be more expensive to function as compared to wet systems, as they cannot be connected to your general heating systems so you will need to set up a separate thermostat and timer.

Where Can You Use Underfloor Heating?

Need to warm flagstones in the kitchen? How about tiled bathroom floors? Underfloor heating is the perfect solution for warming up cold flooring materials in any room of your premise. Although, you must bear in mind that the thicker the stone is, the longer it will take to heat up.

Technological developments ensure that a system keeps operating at a low temperature which means that you can use underfloor heating with laminate and hardwood floors. Before you opt for installation, Liquid Screed Banbury can educate you regarding the flooring type and method of heating system as it should go hand in hand in order to avoid future repair costs.

Underfloor heating systems are up and coming in terms of development in technology and Liquid Screed Banbury makes it possible to install high quality vinyl and carpet flooring. Underfloor heating is not restricted to ground-floor use because most modern systems do not require a concrete subfloor. This makes it safe to be used above ground-floor level.

How Will Liquid Screed Banbury Assist with Installation?

Banbury Screed MaintenanceElectric systems require fixing of a flat base, generally an insulated wood board which is then rolled out and fixed with the heating mat before the floor can be laid.

Our qualified electricians at Liquid Screed Banbury will assist to set up the final connection and approve the installation process.

In case of wet system installation, a similar flat base will be required to lay the product on. On which, a specialised heat-conducting screed is poured before the floor covering can be laid. We have a team of qualified plumbers and workmen who will overlook the entire installation process and ensure smooth workflow.


Liquid Screed Banbury highlights one of the most important benefits of underfloor heating which is that it requires virtually no maintenance. There are no moving equipments which may cause friction and the wet systems are protected by the screed layer surrounding it. Electric systems are designed to be strong and can last for 15 years minimum. At Liquid Screed Banbury, we provide information regarding guarantees and warranties before you choose to go ahead with the installation.

Why Choose Liquid Screed Banbury?

At Liquid Screed Banbury, we offer an honest service with no hidden costs and which includes complete evaluation of your project and individual needs.

Liquid Screed provides a quality orientated installation service for your flooring and underfloor heating solutions to ensure that the end result is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

About Liquid Screed Ltd

Apart from supplying Liquid Screed in Banbury, we cater to clients who are spread across the nation. As certified experts in the application of liquid screed, we provide detailed advice to our clients on preparations to the floor before the pour begins. Work with us to ensure that your project is carried out as efficiently as possible.

Get in touch with us today for enquiries as we offer a FREE no obligation quote. When it comes to underfloor heating solutions, Liquid Screed Banbury is your one stop shop. To see what we can do for your home and business needs, contact us for free on 0800 888 6663.

Banbury is catching up fast in installing the necessary underfloor heating system equipments in their premises for optimal heating solutions, thus it comes as no surprise that underfloor heating is growing in popularity.


Banbury is catching up fast in installing the necessary underfloor heating system equipments in their premises for optimal heating solutions, thus it comes as no surprise that underfloor heating is growing in popularity.

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