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Site Requirements

The Site

The site should be able to receive deliveries from conventional concrete mixer trucks. The client will need to supply the following;

  • Plastic sheeting to prevent contamination of finished areas and at point of discharge from mixer trucks.
  • A hose, water and an appropriate area to wash equipment after use.
  • A skip or other means of disposal for any unused materials

Access to the site is required prior to the pour commencing; a minimum of 24 hours is recommended to allow enough time to correctly prepare the floor area. The areas to be laid must be clean, dry and weatherproof. Windows and doors should be in place, if not, temporary provision should be made by the use of polythene, adhesive tape etc.

On large contracts provision should be made for the largest possible daily pours. As a guide, in ideal conditions, up to 2,000m squared may be laid by a gang of 3 or 4 men per day. However, 750m squared to 1000m squared probably represents sufficient progress for the majority of daily pours.




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