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Self-Levelling Screed

Self-Levelling Screed

At Liquid Screed, we pride ourselves on using a wide range of high quality materials in order to provide our customers with the quality finish they desire.

Self-levelling screed may be used in both commercial and non-commercial environments, ensuring that whatever floor is laid on top will be constantly presented in the best light.

We pride ourselves on our top-quality customer service, and will ensure that our communication remains open right from the preparation phase, through to the completion of your flooring.

With our years of successful experience in the flooring industry, we can advise our customers on the best flooring solution for their requirements, as well as provide a specialist service that promises to deliver the high-quality results we are known for and our valued customers expect.

Self-Levelling Screed and Underfloor Heating

We use the very latest modern technology, so when you work alongside the dedicated team here at Liquid Screed, you will benefit from our vast knowledge, as well as our premium quality workmanship.

Changing the flooring of your home or commercial space can often be a big upheaval, particularly if the room undergoing a floor change is used on a daily basis, however, each member of our team has been CPCS approved, giving you the peace of mind that you’re in the best hands.

Underfloor heating is becoming an increasingly popular option, as many recognise it as a highly efficient way to heat a space. Old styles of heating such as blow air will often thoroughly heat one part of a room, and leave the opposite side cold.

Underfloor heating is neatly disguised underneath the entire flooring of a room, and consequently provides heat to the entire length and width of a space.

Underfloor heating requires the pipework to be laid in to something that can transfer heat, and that’s where self-levelling screed comes in.

Self-levelling screed will not only prepare the surface of the floor you would like to lay, it also absorbs heat from the underfloor heating pipework to bring warmth to a space.

Whether you would like some advice on the best heating or flooring option for your domestic or commercial building, or have settled on your design and require the help of our team, we welcome you to contact us.

Self Leveling Screed

What Is Self-Levelling Screed Used For?

The compounds used in self-levelling screed will vary, depending on multiple factors including the absorption of the floor and the temperature of the room.

Self-levelling screed may be used underneath a wide variety of floor types, including but not limited to: carpet, tiles of various sizes, wood, stone and vinyl floors. Further to this, self-levelling screed is a great option for those seeking underfloor heating options as it acts as a conductor of heat.

Due its malleability, self-levelling screed is often used to repair cracks and provide a smooth and (as the name suggests) level surface. Further to this, self-levelling screed may also be used to steamroll concrete surfaces.

Supplying flooring solutions across the UK, at Liquid Screed we provide the same quality service to small scale home builders and renovators to developers with UK wide contracts.

We are experts in the application of self-levelling screed, and will always provide each of our highly valued clients with detailed preparation guidelines to ensure the entire process from beginning to end runs as efficiently as possible.

The Advantages of Self-Levelling Screed

Self-levelling screed is fast becoming an increasingly popular style of sub flooring, as many are realising the benefits of properly preparing the surface their new flooring intends to sit on top of.

Vinyl flooring types have become a very common site in homes across the United Kingdom. Providing individuals with a wide variety of pattern options, vinyl floor types are versatile whilst ensuring the room space benefits from a natural looking floor finish.

However, the thin nature of vinyl flooring means a carefully laid sub floor will be required. Consequently, the popularity of vinyl floorings and large tiles (which can serve to enhance the appearance of an uneven sub floor) mean that a level under surface is more important than ever in order to gain a premium finish.

Further to this, self-levelling screed can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments, aiding those that are building or renovating a home or business.

Other advantages of Self-levelling screed include:

Fast Drying

Unlike some sub floors which can take days to dry, self-levelling screed floors may be used after 24 hours. At Liquid Screed, we understand that no one likes to be kept waiting.

Our years of successful industry experience means we have not only the expert knowledge, but also the modern tools to deliver a perfect finish time after time.

Easy Application

Self-levelling screed can be laid much more easily than traditional concrete, and can therefore be laid in a very short space of time, keeping your projects moving. When working with self-levelling screed there is no need for special equipment or unusual techniques.

High Compressive Strengths

Although self-levelling screed is not intended to be used as a finished floor type, it has a high compressive strength that will finish to be either similar or higher than that of standard concrete. Breaks in sub floors can often end up being costly, and sometimes cause major structural issues for a building, resulting in lengthy repairs. Utilising a material with a high compressive strength such as self-levelling screed will often increase the lifespan of the flooring laid upon it, as well as ensure a solid flooring finish for many years to come.

Self-Levelling Screed and Floor Sanding

Our attention to detail goes way beyond the initial preparation stages. At Liquid Screed, we do not limit ourselves one specific location, and have built up a reputation of producing high quality work time after time.

We pride ourselves on our relentless attention to detail, and never tire of helping our customers achieve the results they desire, that is exactly why we make use of floor sanding, regardless of what floor type will be laid afterwards. Floor sanding ensures that the various surfaces of the floor bond together and leave no room for loose seals.

The dedicated team here at Liquid Screed have access to the specialist equipment that makes floor laying self-levelling screed and floor sanding a simple process, so contact us to day to get your project moving.


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