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Screed Underfloor Heating in Kent

Screed Underfloor Heating in Kent

Underfloor heating in Kent is a highly sought after, luxurious new heating option for homes and businesses.

Having originally been introduced in Roman times, underfloor heating is now becoming increasingly popular as new innovative technology allows for optimisation of the system whilst also being cost-effective.

Not only is underfloor heating a favoured option for many in terms of home design and comfort, but it also adds to the value of a property significantly.

Both modern and classic houses benefit greatly from underfloor heating solutions, and this contemporary feature is likely to become a must-have in the coming years.

Underfloor Heating KentLiquid Screed are professional screed underfloor heating specialists.

With many years of experience in the industry, we understand that liquid screed is the perfect material to combine with underfloor heating in Kent.

What’s more, we have the knowledge, expertise and facilities to provide you with the full solution to all your heating needs.

Look no further, your screed underfloor heating solution in Kent will be on your doorstep as soon as you require with Liquid Screed.

At Liquid Screed, all our underfloor heating specialists in Kent have a great deal of experience in the industry, and are able to provide solutions to any project, consistently completing quality finishes.

Screed Underfloor Heating Kent

Although underfloor heating has been around for decades, it has only really come into play in the industry as an affordable, effective heating solution for households and businesses.

With new, innovative methods in place, underfloor heating in Kent is now one of the most desirable options for many, meaning endless benefits.

In the past, the elements of underfloor heating in Kent were buried within screed floors, the costs of heating a premise were high, and it was difficult to control the temperature using this heating solution.

Nowadays, it is a totally different story. Screed underfloor heating systems in Kent have come a long way, and instead of coming with a multitude of drawbacks, this heating solution is one of the most desirable options for any premises.

Liquid Screed only install the best, highest quality screed underfloor heating solutions in Kent. This involves modern multilayer pipes which are installed evenly over the surface of the floor. The pipes are high quality, ensuring for long lasting durability and effective heating.

On top of the underfloor heating system, screed is the most efficient flooring option. One of the reasons for screed being the best option over underfloor heating in Kent is because of its conductive properties. Due to the consistency, liquid screed can be laid thinly on top of the heating system, and is light weight, ensuring no damage will be done to the pipes and structure.

Liquid screed also has conductive properties; this combined with the thin layer will ensure maximum efficiency of the system, as the heat from the water will pass through to the floor surface efficiently and evenly.

Another benefit of screed laid on top of an underfloor heating system is that its liquid quality means that it will even out the surface, allowing for other flooring options to be laid on top, so the aesthetics can be exactly to your taste.

Benefits of Screed Underfloor Heating Kent

As a fairly recent phenomenon, screed underfloor heating is quickly becoming the most sought after heating option for homes and businesses, due to numerous benefits for all types of people.

Some of the major benefits are listed below:


For a family, comfort in your own home is of upmost importance to ensure a welcoming, pleasant space for your family and any visitors.

In the same way, if employees are comfortable in their workplace, they are more likely to enjoy their job and feel well-looked after. Underfloor heating in Kent is a particularly popular option for people who want to experience maximum comfort, and not worry about constantly controlling the temperature of the premise.

Underfloor heating in Kent creates radiative heat as opposed to convection currents which are formed by usual heating systems which use radiators. This means a more consistent temperature throughout a room or building, resulting in optimum comfort.


Screed underfloor heating in Kent provides maximum safety for everyone in the premise. This is because the building will be free from any exposed radiators or pipes which can be hazards for young children and vulnerable adults who are prone to burns and falls.

Screed underfloor heating in Kent is a perfect solution, because the system is all hidden beneath the flooring, meaning the safety of everyone is placed at top priority. There will be nothing to worry about regarding safety around the home when a screed underfloor heating is in place.

Heath benefits
Underfloor heating in Kent is the perfect solution for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

screed floor heating kentRadiative heat as opposed to convection currents ensures that dust and allergens are not being constantly moved around the room, causing allergies to persist. Instead, the room or building will be free from any health risks and annoyances.

In a premise with underfloor heating, allergies and asthma are less prevalent, meaning a more enjoyable and comfortable experience for your family, workers and visitors.

In a workplace, this health benefit is particularly considerable as it also means that germs are unlikely to be transported through a building via the heating system, lowering the risk of an outbreak of illness.

Cost efficiency

The new innovative technology of screed underfloor heating systems mean that the system is much more cost efficient than other heating solutions.

This is due to the low temperature of heated water required to heat a premise effectively. The consistency of the heating system and the properties of the screed laid on top of the system mean that the heating costs will be less, whilst providing a more comfortable temperature.

Although there is an initial investment of installing screed underfloor heating in Kent, the following costs are cheaper, and many clients actually find that they save money after the installation.

This is particularly true for large companies and premises which use a lot of heating, as the differences in cost is larger and more obvious straight away.

No maintenance

On installation of screed underfloor heating in Kent, the specialists at Liquid Screed make sure that there ae no issues regarding the piping and water system, so the underfloor heating system and screed will be laid in full knowledge that there will be no issues following.

Once the system is installed and the screed is laid, no maintenance is required. This means no additional following costs, and no extra hassle after the system is installed.

Get in Touch with Liquid Screed

If you are looking for screed underfloor heating in Kent or any other flooring solutions for your home or business, you will find everything you need at Liquid Screed.

We provide professional flooring solutions all across Kent and the surrounding areas; we have a great deal of experience and a wealth of expertise to guide you through every step of your flooring project.

We always adhere to the requirements of all our clients regarding their time constraints, budget and end aims. On considering your project, we can even offer you a free, no obligations quote for you to consider.

Get in touch with Liquid Screed Brighton today to find out more about how we can aid your flooring and underfloor heating project. To see what we can do for your home and business needs, call us for free on 0800 888 6663.


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